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Biggest NFL Turnarounds This Season

Disappointing was not a fitting Football Live Betting Lines nfl football betting Online Bingo NFL Odds enough word to describe some of the sad performance we saw from a few NFL teams last season.  We saw everything from teams that simply had bad luck to teams that were just plain awful.  There is always next year, though, and here are three teams to keep your eye on for a big turnaround. As an NFL bettor knowing who is on the rise is key to NFL betting success.

  1.  The Oakland Raiders:  Someone must have locked Al Davis in a closet on draft day.  Instead of the usual athlete first mentally Davis takes to drafting, the Raiders drafted players this season that can actually play football.  They unloaded toxic JaMarcus Russell for a sleeker Jason Campbell.  No, Campbell is not exactly the NFL version of prime rib, but anything is better when you have had the spam that is JaMarcus Russell the last three years.  Look for the Raiders to be much stronger on both sides of the ball and be a handful for most of the teams on their schedule.

  2. The Seattle Seahawks:  Say what you want about Pete Carroll jumping ship at USC, but I will be darned if he has not made some impressive moves since taking the helm in Seattle.  Carroll had a fantastic draft day.  He picked up a top rated offensive tackle, a top flight receiver, and a backup quarterback.  His most impressive move of all, however, seemed to be the acquisition of Leon Washington from the Jets.  Washington had a fantastic run in the playoffs for New York last season.  If he can carry that over into the regular season for the Seahawks, Seattle will more than solve their running back issues, and Pete Carroll will look like even more a genius than he did on draft day.

  3. The Tennessee Titans:  Despite a five-hundred season, the Titans’ campaign last year was a complete failure.  By losing their first six games, they almost completely eliminated themselves from any sort of last second playoff miracle.  They did, however, get Vince Young back in a groove and are hoping that bleeds over into this season.  With the selection of the best pass rusher in the draft as their number one pick, look for the Titans to still be strong defensively.  The whole season, however, hinges on whether Vince Young will take it to the next level or regress back to his old form. 

All of these teams look promising on paper.  Too bad the games are played on field.  We will just have to wait and see if these teams can live up to their potential or will continue with their losing ways. As an NFL bettor are you betting on these teams? Head over the the home of NFL betting.